in the depths of my mind

Some people try so desperately to hide, forget, and ignore their true self
They spend their entire life changing and shaping their body and mind
Only to become like everyone else.
They buy the same clothes, laugh at the same things, constantly and forever they have the same conversations
They accept what they don't agree with. They forget their own opinion. They pretend so madly that what was once a charade now is reality. They live their life with their soul locked in their body that is no longer their own. The craziest, most mad and insane persons alive are the ones that are completely normal. In a world so harsh, with so many rules and so insane demands, the people that does not react or go a little crazy every once in a while, are the most psychologically damaged ones. They are so hollow and so brainwashed that they do not even notice it anymore. They don't stop and think "what the fuck is going on here?" They don't express their creativity. They are mindless robots, which todays society is so brilliant, so excellent at creating. Its makes me sad. I can not imagine where the world would be today if people were encouraged to be different, stand out, be crazy, weird and absolutely wonderful. Unique. What a paradise it would be. A complete mess. A wonderful mess. A world full of laughter. A world of madness.

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