You gotta be f*cking kidding me

KOLLA dresscoden på skolan jag ska gå på! Det kommer vara 25-35 grader hela året och man kommer ju få gå klädd som en nunna! Haha jaja jag överlever väl... men ändå, fattar inte varflr man ska ha alla dessa regler. Okej att man inte ska ha jättedjup uringning och genomskinliga kläder men man måste få klä sig i shorts och ett linne om det är 30 grader och en luftfuktighet på typ 150 % ;)

Students must dress in a manner that would not constitute a disruption, safety hazard, or impropriety. The responsibility for the dress and appearance of each student, in accordance with school policies, rests with the student and her/his parent/guardian. The following school district guidelines are intended to minimize distractions, providing for maximized achievement.


  1. Clothing must appropriately cover the body. There may be no bare midriffs, bare backs, bare sides, or bare chests. No torn clothing or clothing made of mesh or sheer material may be worn. Tube, halter, or spaghetti strap, or tank tops may not be worn. Clothing must cover all undergarments.


  2. Clothing which alters, defaces, or improperly displays the US flag may not be worn.


  3. Shirts, bandanas, scarves, or towels may not hang out of pockets or be worn on the head or neck.


  4. Students may not wear clothing, buttons, or jewelry with words, phrases, symbols, pictures, or

    insignias which are obscene, profane, sexual, violent, or racist; relate to gang involvement; promote

    drug, alcohol, or tobacco use; or, are deemed to be potentially disruptive.


    Shoes with wheels, cleats, oversized shoes or slippers, and bare feet are not permissible.


    Extremely tight clothing is prohibited.


    Shirts must remain buttoned when covering jogging bras, midriffs, or tube tops.


  8. Undergarments, running shorts, bicycle shorts, or bathing suits may not be worn as outer garments.


  9. Pants/shorts must be worn waist high. Pant legs may not be rolled up.


  10. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be hemmed and must be no more than 6? above the knee.


  11. Hair must be neat, clean, and combed. Extreme hair color may be prohibited.


  12. No picks, combs, hair rollers, or curlers may be worn in hair.


  13. No hats, hoods, bandanas, headbands, scarves, or any type of covering on the head are allowed to be

    worn. Such items will be confiscated.


  14. Sunglasses may not be worn indoors.


  15. Belts must be buckled. Dangling or exposed belts/chains will be confiscated.


  16. Jewelry and key rings that may pose a safety hazard are not permitted. Examples include studded

    jewelry, sharp pendants, large, heavy metal rings or wrist bands, chains, collars. 


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Jäklar vilken dresscode! :o

2012-08-10 @ 23:00:44

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